Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pam (10"x12")

This is one of many pictures of my daughter I made last summer at our family cottage. While she was trying to catch some minnows in the milk container, standing still, it was perfect pose.


  1. I think this is truly wonderful, Violetta!
    She appears very intent upon her mission!

  2. Really nice! Great job on the water and the figure. Love the way the water is reflected so beautifully onto her face.

  3. Violetta, I enjoyed checking out your blog. Your drawing skills are very good.

    Congratulations, by the way, on getting your blog going. I hope having it keeps you motivated to keep painting and posting your work. Starting my own last year has definitely helped me in that way.

    Best of luck,

  4. You have a beautiful soft touch! I really enjoyed looking through your new blog. You have a lot of good things going on here and I love this painting of your daughter.