Monday, May 16, 2011


I took this picture on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic. It seems like everyone is riding bikes or motorcycles there. And it is unbelievable how many people can fit onto one small bike (3 or 4 is pretty common). Beautiful country with the friendliest people I've ever met anywhere.


  1. Pretty cool painting. I like how you handled all the figures plus their bikes. Looks like it was challenging. You kept it loose and colorful in a nice way. I'm curious how big this is?

  2. i love this! great composition and lovely texture, your paintings are rich and full of color and atmosphere!

  3. I really like your motorcycle guys. I just finished a painting with a bunch of males; they were on horses not bikes.
    Yours, because each figure is solitary with no overlaps, is much more challenging than mine. You managed to pull them all together and create a really nice composition and a really nice painting.